with Rice
Beef Loin

Fish and seafood
marinated in lemon

Cooked with Peruvian

Beef flamed thin cut
steak with tomatoes
and onions.

Welcome to the delicious world of Peruvian Fine Cuisine.

The splendid Peruvian cuisine has a very exquisite taste mixed with an ancient background, which results in the long process that starts with pre-Columbian culture and still remains today as a vast cultural heritage.

To honor this.
Ceviche House is founded with our prime ambassador, el Ceviche, (presented in different ways) followed by excellent men of dishes made with exquisite meats, fine fish and a wide variety of seafood without forgetting our home-style dishes and desserts which flavorful aroma brings thoughts of that beautiful country called Peru.

Enjoy more specialties!

Mixed Jalea
Pieces of fish, shrimp and fried calamari crowned with
tomatoes, onios, cilantro and lemon.

Stuffed Parmesan Shells

Scallops gratin with parmesan cheese and fine spices.

Poached Fish

Variety of shellfish cooked in its own juices.

Medallions of Beef Heart
Beef heart marinated in red pepper sauce, served with
huancaina potatoes (yellow pepper cream and fresh cheese).

Charbroiled Seafood Platter
Mixed seafood served with one of our delicious special dressing. Including one bottle of wine.

Charbroiled of Beef and Chicken
Beef steak, strips of roasted chicken breast, chorizo, blood sausage and gizzards. Varnished with our delicious homemade chimichurri.

Shrimp in Hot Sauce
Delicious dish of shrimp, cooked in our flavored panca
sauce and parsley.

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